About Us

Powerin2.com combines the services of its members to get results. Our diversity provides more
business for everyone. Now your friends and customers can pass your message to others in

Benefits You can:

  • Add, change or update your information in real-time directly from your dashboard.
  • We set up the profile for you to start passing in about 24 hours.
  • Our team passes profiles to your target market every day.
  • One lead can pay for the entire year, and every lead after is free
  • Find and connect to others who receive your profile message.
  • Refer any business or individuals you like.

Did you know?

A referral is 60% more effective than standard promotion, and 40% of print ads are taken to landfills unopened daily. Power in 2 com stops waste while making it easier to connect. One happy customer can be more valuable than thousands in advertising. Helping other businesses is powerful; you provide a solution while encouraging the receiver to pass it on.


Thank you,
CEO Christopher
We help divert pipes so you sell more panels.