The Solar Roof JackTM is an American-made product used by companies, installers and manufactures across the nation. It allows installers to place additional solar panels above the ABS plumbing pipes instead of designing around them. Solar Roof Jack is a more efficient way to use roof space. End result: you generate more power, sell extra panels while producing an aesthetically pleasing design your customer will love.

Three Bases


“I like it! More panel sales, happy customers and better designs.”
Raul, Florida
“As a large solar contractor, this product makes sense [”
Michael, Fremont CA
“We will start using the Solar Roof Jack in our installations”
Dennis, Bakersfield CA
“When I saw this I “thought why was it not done before?”
Bob, Dalles Oregon
“I liked it as soon as I saw what it did”
Dean, Pleasant Hill CA
“I wish my contractor would have placed this on my home”
Customer, Sacramento CA
“I don’t want a jigsaw puzzle layout on my property”
Customer, Grass Valley CA
“How much power am I losing because I don’t have that little pipe?”
Customer, Sacramento CA
“Made in America, that’s a great start!”
Manufacturer, Oregon
“Should have thought of this a long time ago”
Greg, Nevada
“We used to cut the pipes off, this is better, customers are happier”
Jonathan, Dalles Oregon
“They don’t care how we install but, I see value in doing it this way”
Stratton, Penbrook Bermuda
“We do a lot of commercial work and I think we could use this”
Hans, Cloverdale CA
“Once the Net metering rules change this will help us”
Contactor in CA
“Uniform panels and taking full advantage of my roof space”
Customer, Washington

Solar Roof Jack

Benefits for both you and the customer
More Power Production
Additional Panel Sales
More Aesthetically pleasing designs
American Made
Total utilization of space
Less labor and additional profit

Solar Roof Jack Systems

Includes all the parts required to divert any standard ABS pipe to it’s new location.


1 Jack System


  • Compatible with Comp Roofs
  • Compatible with plumbing pipe 1.5″ and 2″ sizes on a composition roof
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One Dozen Jacks

12 complete units


  • Compatible with Comp Roofs
  • Compatible with plumbing pipe 1.5″ and 2″ sizes on a composition roof
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Bulk Purchases

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  • need more
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Each new panel sold  represents support for everyone in the supply chain and about 640 KHh per year of the extra power for the homeowner

Result of No Solar Roof Jack

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