If you sell Solar You should read THIS!

For 20 yrs, it has been accepted that solar contractors in the United States could not place a solar panel over a ABS roof plumbing vent pipe. The 2″ black ABS pipes exiting the roof surface from your customer’s bathroom vanity, kitchen sink or toilet will no longer get in your way. Solar designers no longer have to layout the solar panels to avoid those pipes and leave open spaces. This $3.58 vent pipe found at any local home improvement center has been like Kryptonite that even superman could not help recoup thousands in lost revenue. If you are lucky enough to divert the pipes from underneath the roof surface your employees no longer emerge from the attic frustrated, sweating and covered in fiberglass. The customers who close those ugly gaps in their solar systems are now reaping the benefits of extra power production. In September the Solar Roof Jack was accepted as the way to easily divert plumbing vents to a new location from above the roof. This change in the code is now a benefit to you and your entire sales staff. The Solar Roof Jack was unanimously approved by I A P M O (International association of plumbers and mechanical officials) as a new plumbing standard in the IBC and CBC code books. Stating “Using the Solar Roof Jack to divert 1.5 and 2 inch plumbing vent pipes above the roof to a new location and cover the open space with a solar panel is acceptable” “What this means to you” A)      Your solar panel sales will increase. B)    The new solar design layouts will look so much better. C)    Your customers produce more power using the exact same space. Ultimately Solar Roof Jack can help you sell more panels

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