Sell more solar for the price of lunch.

Solar is becoming more noticeable these days.. I used to drive down the street and see tile, wood shake, comp and metal roofs. Lately I see solar panels much more frequently. The next time you look at the installations in your service area you may notice many open spaces. They are ugly and the installing solar company wasted prime power production space.

What if you could give your customer a beautiful more powerful system for less than the average lunch. Would you be interested?

“Solar Roof Jack is closing the gaps”

The sale of more panels was missed because of a few plastic vent pipes blocking you way.  Next time you layout a system divert those pipes with a the Solar Roof Jack. Your customer will be happy with the new design and the extra power you have provided will make you their best friend.  

“Best of all, you sold a few more panels”

Sold online or also available in volume discounts. Contact us, we will make the right deal for you and your specific needs.
All American Made Parts while keeping your neighbors employed.

Just thinking

Christopher Noel

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