Install Solar Panels Above Roof Vent Pipes

Solar installers usually install solar panels in a “jigsaw” styled fashion with empty spaces where the roof vent pipes are or are forced to relocate these pipes in order to maximize available space, increasing installation timelines. A solution to installing solar panels around vent pipes, called The Solar Roof Jack, has been released to the market. This technology is making solar more economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Currently solar panels are designed around ABS plumbing vent pipes, otherwise the installer incurs additional costs for relocation. As a result, there are times when empty spaces on rooflines where a solar panels could have otherwise been placed. The Solar Roof Jack resoles this problem with technology that redesigns the vent pipes so that solar panels can be installed on top of them without sacrificing the functionality of the original vent pipes and utilizes prime solar roof space.


The benefits of the Solar Roof Jack for installers are numerous:

• Additional panel sales

• Increased power production for customer

• Total utilization of solar roof space

• Reduced labor costs and installation timelines

• Creates visually pleasing designs

• American made product


Since roof vent pipes prevent a customer from utilizing a lot of their roof space, they are bing limited to the number of panels they can fit on their roof and therefore losing potential sayings that additional panels would have generated. In addition, the installer can now sell more panels because they are no longer limited to working around the vent pipes and are able to save on labor costs because they no longer have to relocate the exposed pipes.

With the Solar Roof Jack the overall appearance of the panels is consistent and helps guarantee that the client gets what they want.

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Published Originally by Roofing Magazine on 11/18/2016

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