Solar Roof Jack

Flat tile version


The Solar Roof Jack Opens up additional space for Power Production.

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The Solar Roof Jack™  raised tile base allows you to install the SRJ in most flat tile configurations. The added height gives you more space to bypass the next row and in addition the larger base makes it much easier to tie into most tile patterns and exposers.



Package includes


  • 1 weather protection cap
  • 1 Solar Roof Jack
  • 1 90° schedule 40 elbow
  • 1 90° schedule 40 Spigot/ hub elbow
  • 1 Galvanized raised metal plate
  • 6 sidewalk bolts
  • 6 complete nuts with attached washer
  • 1 Epdm gasket with specialty slip joint

Customer provides standard 2 inch pipe.

Made In America